Postdocs & Research Associates

Gorka Antona Santamaría
Research Interests: Health technologies, Information theory and wireless communications and Machine learning.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: gantona -at-
AVIT_Gaspar Gaspar Hugo Avit Ferrero
Research Interests: Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Data Analysis.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: gavit -at-
Asunción Cayuela Hidalgo
Research Interests: Signal Processing, Data Analysis and Machine Learning
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: acayuela -at-
Pablo Góngora Luque
Research Interests: data mining and machine learning in biomedical applications, human activity recognition and Signal processing.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: pgongora -at-
Alberto López Yela  
Research Interests: Monte Carlo methods for particle filtering, Bayesian inference, Group theory applied to classical and quantum systems, Quantum tomography and its application to Quantum computation.
Contact: phone: +34 916246005; email: alyela -at-
Jorge Bravo Aguado
Research Interests: Data science, statistical modelling & audio signal processing
Contact: phone: +34 916246005; email: jbravo -at-
Chao Qi 
Research Interests:  The area of information theory with a particular focus on information theoretic security and secure distributed storage system.
Contact: phone: +34 916248759; email: chaoqi-at-
Jithin Ravi 
Research Interests: The area of information theory with a particular focus on distributed function computation and information theoretic security.
Contact: phone: +34 916248759; email: rjithin -at-
Ángela Moreno Martínez
Research Interests: Signal Processing, Data Analysis and Machine Learning.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: amoreno -at-
Arturo Armario Romero
Research Interests:
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: aarmario -at-
José Alberto Martínez Ordóñez 
Research Interests: Mathematical Modelling, Complex systems and Multilayer Networks.
Contact: phone: +34 916246005; email: joseal01-at-