Graduate Students


 deniz Ömer Deniz Akyildiz
Research Interests: Sequential Monte Carlo methods; stochastic filtering; stochastic optimisation; machine learning.
Contact: phone:+34 916246005; email:
foto-de-pablo-comprimida-2  Pablo Bonilla Escribano
Research Interests: Biomedical applications of machine learning and data mining.
Contact: phone:+34 916246005; email:
 fotoMel Melanie Fernández Pradier
Research Interests:  I am currently doing my PhD on Bayesian non-parametric (BNP) models for personalized medicine ( My goal is to apply probabilistic graphical models to discover hidden information underlying data that is easy to interpret and can help experts in other fields. My interests include Dependent non-parametric processes, random measures, fast DP/IBP extensions, MCMC methods, variational inference, clustering, topic modeling, and bio-medical applications.
Contact: phone:+34 916246005; email:
 Fran Hernando  Francisco Hernando Gallego
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Data mining, Pattern Recognition, Digital Signal Processing, Human Activity Recognition and Wireless Communications.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email:  fhernando-at-
 Alejandro Lancho Alejandro Lancho Serrano
Research Interests: Information Theory and Communications.
Contact: phone: +34 916246005; email: alancho-at-
 Vivian Yanfang Liu
Research Interests: Hardware LDPC Decoding Realization and Wireless Communication, LDPC codes decoding algorithm.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: vivian-at-
 Pablo Moreno Pablo Moreno Muñoz
Research Interests: Probabilistic models, Bayesian statistics, change-point detection, MCMC inference and non-parametric methods.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: pmoreno-at-
 ANR2 Alfredo Nazabal Rentería
Research Interests: Bayesian nonparametric models and their applications; Human activity recognition; Classifier combination models; MCMC methods.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: anazabal-at-
 GRM Gonzalo Ríos Muñoz
Research Interests:biomedical signals and parallel processing using GPUs.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: griosm -at-
Grace Silvana Grace Villacrés Estrada
Research Interests: Information theory and wireless communications.
Contact: phone: +34 916248839; email: gvillacres-at-