Imagen1 (2) Antonio Artés Rodríguez
Research Interests: human activity recognition problem, nonparametric Bayesian techniques, distributed detection, sparsity-inducing methods, feature selection and extraction or kernel methods, and its application to medicine and communications.
Contact: phone:+34 916 248 741; fax:+34 916 248 749; email: antonio@tsc.uc3m.es; antonio@ieee.org; antonio.artes@uc3m.es
 tk1 Tobias Koch
Research Interests: communication and information theory.
Contact: phone: +34 916 248 752; email: koch@tsc.uc3m.es

Jorge López Castroman
Research Interests: human behavior in general and suicidal behavior in particular, risk profiling, mood disorders, digital phenotyping, psychiatry and mental health. .
Contact: phone: +34 916 248 781; email: jlcastroman@tsc.uc3m.es

Javier Lopez Santiago_v2

Javier López Santiago
Research Interests: Particle filtering applied to space debris tracking  and orbit determination. Signal processing for Astronomy and Astrophysics data. Detection of oscillatory patterns in solar and stellar flares using wavelet transforms. Magnetohydrodynamics and stellar magnetic activity.
Contact: phone: +34 916 249 073; email: jlopez@tsc.uc3m.es
 PMO Pablo Martínez Olmos
Research Interests: machine learning and approximate inference methods (belief propagation, expectation propagation, variational methods). Aplications to Information Theory and Signal Processing.
Contact: phone: +34 916 248 450; email: olmos@tsc.uc3m.es


Joaquín Míguez Arenas
Research Interests: Monte Carlo methods (particle filtering, optimization, rejection sampling, MCMC, application to communications, positioning, navigation and tracking); Dynamical systems (Bayesian inference for state-space systems, stochastic filtering, synchronization and control of chaotic systems); Signal processing for wireless communications (channel estimation and equalization, synchronization, multiuser detection and interference cancellation, smart antennas, multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems).
Contact: phone: +34 916 248 736; email: joaquin.miguez -at- uc3m.es

Borja Peleato Iñarrea
Research Interests: Optimizing the protocols and algorithms used in modern communication and storage networks with the goal of improving their speed, reliability and versatility. Wireless spectrum management, coded caching, convex optimization, NAND Flash storage, error correction, information theory.
Contact: phone: +34 916249196; email: bpeleato@tsc.uc3m.es
 fernandoperezcruz4_OK Fernando Pérez Cruz
Research Interests: nonparametric Bayesian generative models and accurate approximate inference algorithms for channel and source coding and its aplication to a variety of topics, ranging from psychiatry, to communications and gaming.
Contact: email: fernando@tsc.uc3m.es
 Ramirez David Ramírez García
Research Interests: 
Signal processing techniques for MIMO communication links, Statistical Signal Processing, Analysis of Space-Time Random Fields.
Contact: Phone: +34 916 248 796; email: ramirezgd@tsc.uc3m.es
 manuel_vazquez Manuel Vázquez López
Research Interests: particle filtering, mimo systems, dynamic programming, positioning and EEG signal processing.
Contact: Phone: +34 916 249 073; email: mvaquez@tsc.uc3m.es

Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar

Gonzalo Vázquez Vilar
Research Interests: finite-length information theory, statistical hypothesis testing, communications, quantum information theory.
Contact: Phone: +34 916 248 450; email: gvaquez@tsc.uc3m.es