News & Events 2023

Doctoral Thesis Defense of Fernando Moreno Pino

Fernando Moreno Pino, a PhD student in the Signal Processing Group of the University Carlos III de Madrid is defending his doctoral thesis titled «Deep attentive time series modelling for quantitative finance”” on May, 5th:

  • Title: Deep Attentive Time Series Modelling for Quantitative Finance.
  • Author: Fernando Moreno Pino.
  • Supervisors:  Antonio Artés Rodríguez, Pablo M. Olmos.
  • Event Date:  Friday, May 5, 11:00
  • Location: Aula de Grados del Padre Soler (Auditorium building)
  • Short abstract: Time series modelling and forecasting is a persistent problem with extensive implications in scientific, business, industrial, and economic areas. This thesis’ contribution is twofold. Firstly, we propose a novel probabilistic time series forecasting methodology that introduces the use of Fourier domain-based attention models. We denote Spectral Attention (SA) to this frequency domain-based attention mechanism, which merges classic signal processing spectral filtering techniques with machine learning architectures. Secondly, in the context of high-frequency trading, we take advantage of the abundance of intraday financial data to develop deep learning-based solutions for modelling financial time series.

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Article accepted for publication in Neural Networks

The article «Regularizing transformers with deep probabilistic layers” by Aurora Cobo Aguilera, Pablo M. Olmos, Antonio Artés-Rodríguez and Fernando Pérez-Cruz has been published in Neural Networks.

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«Living Lab for Assistive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence» Opening Day

The opening of the «Living Lab for Assistive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence» is close, this new infrastructure will house the complete cycle of development of technologies for diagnostic aid, monitoring and human-machine interaction for health care.

Date: 23rd of february at 13:00

Place: Parque Científico UC3M,

If you are interested in attending, you can register for the event at the following link.

Póster – “Inteligencia Artificial para la medición de PROs en pacientes Oncológicos”

In the «1ª edición del concurso de posters de Farmaimpulso OncoHematología 2023», researchers from the Carlos III University of Madrid in collaboration with the Gregorio Marañon Hospital have won 1st Prize in the «Innovative Idea/Project» category. This is a national call that aims to share real-life clinical experiences within the field of oncohematology.

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Doctoral Thesis Defense of Lorena Romero Medrano

Lorena Romero Medrano, a PhD student in the Signal Processing Group of the University Carlos III de Madrid is defending her doctoral thesis titled “Change-Point Detection Methods for Behavioral Shift Recognition in Mental Healthcare” on January, 20th:

  • Title: Change-Point Detection Methods for Behavioral Shift Recognition in Mental Healthcare
  • Author: Lorena Romero (GTS)
  • Supervisors: Pablo M. Olmos, Antonio Artés
  • Event Date:  Friday, January 20, 12:00 – 13:30
  • Location: Salón de Grados (Auditorium building)
  • Short abstract: The motivation of this thesis is based on the improvement of psychiatric patients assessment. Specially, in the suicide prevention problem, where we work under the hypothesis that behavioral changes in the digital phenotype of a patient might precede new relapses, that we aim to predict in advance. From a technical perspective, we focus on the development of probabilistic models for change-point detection for heterogeneous, high-dimensional and incomplete observations that characterize the previously mentioned clinical scenario.


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«Passive Radar» project granted by Office of Naval Research (ONR)

«Advanced detection algorithms for passive radar (Passive Radar)» has been granted to David Ramírez García by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) within the call «ONR BAA Announcement #N00014-22-S-B001».