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Horstmann, S; Ramírez, David; Schreier, Peter J

Two-Channel Passive Detection of Cyclostationary Signals Journal Article

In: IEEE Trans. Signal Process., 68 , pp. 2340-2355, 2020, ISSN: 1053-587X.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: Cyclostationarity, generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT), locally most powerful invariant test (LMPIT), multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) passive detection


Ramírez, David; Schreier, Peter J; Via, Javier; Santamaria, Ignacio; Scharf, L L

Detection of Multivariate Cyclostationarity Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 63 (20), pp. 5395–5408, 2015, ISSN: 1053-587X.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: ad hoc function, asymptotic GLRT, asymptotic LMPIT, block circulant, block-Toeplitz structure, Correlation, covariance matrices, Covariance matrix, covariance structure, cycle period, cyclic spectrum, Cyclostationarity, Detectors, Frequency-domain analysis, generalized likelihood ratio test, generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT), hypothesis testing problem, locally most powerful invariant test, locally most powerful invariant test (LMPIT), Loe{&}{#}x0300, maximum likelihood estimation, multivariate cyclostationarity detection, power spectral density, random processes, s theorem, scalar valued CS time series, signal detection, spectral analysis, statistical testing, Testing, Time series, Time series analysis, Toeplitz matrices, Toeplitz matrix, ve spectrum, vector valued random process cyclostationary, vector valued WSS time series, wide sense stationary, Wijsman theorem, Wijsman{&}{#}x2019