A new paper from the group has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

The paperMonte Carlo Methods through an Online Scheme for Convergence Assessment by Víctor Elvira, Joaquín Míguez and Petar M. Djuric has been accepted for publication inthe IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.


Particle filters are broadly used to approximate posterior distributions of hidden states in state-space models by means of sets of weighted particles. While the convergence of the filter is guaranteed when the number of particles tends to infinity, the quality of the approximation is usually unknown but strongly dependent on the number of particles. In this paper, we propose a novel method for assessing the convergence of particle filters in an online manner, as well as a simple scheme for the online adaptation of the number of particles based on the convergence assessment. The method is based on a sequential comparison between the actual observations and their predictive probability distributions approximated by the filter. We provide a rigorous theoretical analysis of the proposed methodology and, as an example of its practical use, we present simulations of a simple algorithm for the dynamic and online adaption of the number of particles during the operation of a particle filter on a stochastic version of the Lorenz system.