Invited Talk: Konstantina Palla (University of Oxford)

Join us for an invited talk with Konstantina Palla (postdoc researcher; Department of Statistics, University of Oxford):

  • Title: «A birth-death process for feature allocation».
  • Event Date: Monday, June 29; 2015, 12:00 am
  • Location: 4.2.E02 Room; Torres Quevedo Building; Leganés Campus; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


In this talk, I will present an ongoing work on a feature allocations over time. More specifically, I will present a Bayesian nonparametric prior over feature allocations for sequential data, the birth-death feature allocation process (BDFP). The BDFP models the evolution of the feature allocation of a set of objects N across a covariate (e.g.time) by creating and deleting features. A BDFP is exchangeable, projective, stationary and reversible, and its equilibrium distribution is given by the Indian buffet process (IBP). I will also present the de Finetti mixing distribution underlying the BDFP that plays the role for the BDFP that the Beta process plays for the Indian buffet process. The utility of this prior is demonstrated on synthetic and real world data.