New paper accepted

A new paper from the group has been accepted for publication

The paper «Scalable Multi-Output Label Prediction: From Classifier Chains to Classifier Trellises» by Jesse Read, Luca Martino, Pablo M. Olmos, and David Luengo has been accepted for publication in Pattern Recognition, Ed. Elsevier, January 2015.
Multi-output inference tasks, such as multi-label classification, have become increasingly important in recent years. A popular method for multi-label classification is classifier chains, in which the predictions of individual classifiers are cascaded along a chain, thus taking into account inter-label dependencies and improving the overall performance. Several varieties of classifier chain methods have been introduced, and many of them perform very competitively across a wide range of benchmark datasets. However, scalability limitations become apparent on larger datasets when modeling a fully cascaded chain. In particular, the methods’ strategies for discovering and modeling a good chain structure constitutes a mayor computational bottleneck. In this paper, we present the classifier trellis (CT) method for scalable multi-label classification. We compare CT with several recently proposed classifier chain methods to show that it occupies an important niche: it is highly competitive on standard multi-label problems, yet it can also scale up to thousands or even tens of thousands of labels.