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Asyhari, Taufiq A; Koch, Tobias; i Fàbregas, Albert Guillén

Nearest Neighbor Decoding and Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation for Fading Channels Artículo de revista

En: Entropy, vol. 22, no. 9, pp. 971, 2020.

Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: achievable rates, Fading, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), mismatched decoding, multiple antennas, multiple-access channels, nearest neighbor decoding, noncoherent, pilot-aided channel estimation


Durisi, Giuseppe; Koch, Tobias; Ostman, Johan; Polyanskiy, Yury; Yang, Wei

Short-Packet Communications Over Multiple-Antenna Rayleigh-Fading Channels Artículo de revista

En: IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 64, no. 2, pp. 618–629, 2016, ISSN: 0090-6778.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: diversity branches, Encoding, ergodic capacity, Fading, fading channels, finite-blocklength information theory, finiteblocklength information theory, infinite-blocklength performance metrics, Journal, machine-type communication systems, maximum coding rate, Mission critical systems, mission-critical machine-type communications, multiple antennas, multiple-antenna Rayleigh block-fading channels, Multiplexing, optimal number, outage capacity, rate gain, Rayleigh channels, Receivers, Reliability, short-packet communications, spatial multiplexing, Throughput, Time-frequency analysis, time-frequency-spatial degrees of freedom, transmit antennas, transmit diversity, Transmitting antennas, Ultra-reliable low-latency communications