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Koch, Tobias

On the Dither-Quantized Gaussian Channel at Low SNR Artículo en actas

En: 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, pp. 186–190, IEEE, Honolulu, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-4799-5186-4.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: Additive noise, channel capacity, dither quantized Gaussian channel, Entropy, Gaussian channels, low signal-to-noise-ratio, low-SNR asymptotic capacity, peak power constraint, peak-and-average-power-limited Gaussian channel, Quantization (signal), Signal to noise ratio


Koch, Tobias; Lapidoth, Amos

Gaussian Fading Is the Worst Fading Artículo de revista

En: IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 56, no. 3, pp. 1158–1165, 2010, ISSN: 0018-9448.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: Additive noise, channel capacity, channels with memory, Distribution functions, ergodic fading processes, Fading, fading channels, flat fading, flat-fading channel capacity, Gaussian channels, Gaussian fading, Gaussian processes, H infinity control, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), Information technology, information theory, multiple-input single-output fading channels, multiplexing gain, noncoherent, noncoherent channel capacity, peak-power limited channel capacity, Signal to noise ratio, signal-to-noise ratio, single-antenna channel capacity, spectral distribution function, time-selective, Transmitters


Martino, Luca; Miguez, Joaquin

A Novel Rejection Sampling Scheme for Posterior Probability Distributions Artículo en actas

En: 2009 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, pp. 2921–2924, IEEE, Taipei, 2009, ISSN: 1520-6149.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: Additive noise, arbitrary target probability distributions, Bayes methods, Bayesian methods, Monte Carlo integration, Monte Carlo methods, Monte Carlo techniques, Overbounding, posterior probability distributions, Probability density function, Probability distribution, Proposals, Rejection sampling, rejection sampling scheme, Sampling methods, Signal processing algorithms, signal sampling, Upper bound

Djuric, Petar M; Bugallo, Monica F; Closas, Pau; Miguez, Joaquin

Measuring the Robustness of Sequential Methods Artículo en actas

En: 2009 IEEE 13th Digital Signal Processing Workshop and 5th IEEE Signal Processing Education Workshop, pp. 29–32, IEEE, Aruba, Dutch Antilles, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-4244-5179-1.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: Additive noise, cumulative distribution functions, data processing method, extended Kalman filtering, Extraterrestrial measurements, Filtering, Gaussian distribution, Gaussian noise, Kalman filters, Kolmogorov-Smirnov distance, Least squares approximation, Noise robustness, nonlinear filters, robustness, sequential methods, statistical distributions, telecommunication computing