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Tuia, D; Verrelst, J; Alonso, L; Perez-Cruz, Fernando; Camps-Valls, Gustavo

Multioutput Support Vector Regression for Remote Sensing Biophysical Parameter Estimation Artículo de revista

En: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, vol. 8, no 4, pp. 804–808, 2011, ISSN: 1545-598X.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: Biological system modeling, Biomedical imaging, Biophysical parameter estimation, chlorophyll content estimation, Estimation, fractional vegetation cover, geophysical image processing, hyperspectral compact high-resolution imaging spec, image resolution, leaf area index, model inversion, multioutput support vector regression method, nonparametric biophysical parameter estimation, Parameter estimation, regression, regression analysis, Remote sensing, remote sensing biophysical parameter estimation, remote sensing image, single-output support vector regression method, spectrometers, Support vector machines, support vector regression (SVR), Vegetation mapping


Murillo-Fuentes, Juan Jose; Perez-Cruz, Fernando

Gaussian Process Regressors for Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA Systems Artículo de revista

En: IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 57, no 8, pp. 2339–2347, 2009, ISSN: 0090-6778.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: analytical nonlinear multiuser detectors, code division multiple access, communication systems, Detectors, digital communication, digital communications, DS-CDMA systems, Gaussian process for regressi, Gaussian process regressors, Gaussian processes, GPR, Ground penetrating radar, least mean squares methods, maximum likelihood, maximum likelihood detection, maximum likelihood estimation, mean square error methods, minimum mean square error, MMSE, Multiaccess communication, Multiuser detection, nonlinear estimator, nonlinear state-ofthe- art solutions, radio receivers, Receivers, regression analysis, Support vector machines


Perez-Cruz, Fernando; Murillo-Fuentes, Juan Jose; Caro, S

Nonlinear Channel Equalization With Gaussian Processes for Regression Artículo de revista

En: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 56, no 10, pp. 5283–5286, 2008, ISSN: 1053-587X.

Resumen | Enlaces | BibTeX | Etiquetas: Channel estimation, digital communications receivers, equalisers, equalization, Gaussian processes, kernel adaline, least mean squares methods, maximum likelihood estimation, nonlinear channel equalization, nonlinear equalization, nonlinear minimum mean square error estimator, regression, regression analysis, short training sequences, Support vector machines